Uriah (Josh) Baker: Owner & Master Artist

Uriah Baker has been slinging crispy lines and spicy whips for 11 years, and just like a fine wine, the work just keeps getting better.  

Unless you don’t like wine, then brandy it is.  Uriah is well versed in the majority of tattoo styles; however, don’t ask him for anything “dark and creepy” or for a portrait because after three hours of drawing you will find him in the bathroom smacking his head against the wall trying to come up with something for you (awe to struggle with perfectionism)! 


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Sheriff Sunshine (Nikki) Baker: Owner & Tattoo Artist

Nikki is the only person on our staff roster who has graduated college and liked it enough to keep going.  Nikki, part owner as well as wife to Uriah, specializes in her own whimsical style the rest of the shop employees call “Crayon Vomit.”  

If you want color then Nikki is the artist for you!  Just like a unicorn, she will leave you guessing what her next hair color is going to be.  Although she may look like she is sweet; don’t mess with her – she is the true badass of the shop.  Oh, and once her damn dissertation is written she will make everyone call her Dr. Sheriff Sunshine.

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Jason Dircks: Tattoo Artist

Jason (Starface) has been tattooing in the industry for nine years and the only thing he loves more than inking is fishing.  With his own take on new school tattoos, he also offers a wide range of black and gray work, fine line/detail work and stippling.

He never has a dull moment and you will be guaranteed to not only a great tattoo, but a great laugh.  Have an ambulance on standby to help stitch up your side from laughing so hard when you get a tattoo from Jason!


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Chris Larson: Tattoo Artist

Hailing from the frozen wastelands of South Dakota our newest member of the staff is Chris.  He is coming up on his third year of tattooing and specializes in traditional, neotraditional, minimalistic, black and gray and stippling.  

If you bring him a picture of your son be prepared for a “Hills have Eyes” reject.  This absolute beast of a man will hook you up with a one of a kind tattoo as well as some of the crispiest high fives the Midwest has ever witnessed.


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Jon O’Brien: Body Piercer

Four years ago we sent a wild man searching for a piece of hay in a needle stack.  After two days he emerged from that stack with some of the coolest piercings you have ever feasted your eyes one and wisdom grants by the great Gods of APP (the Association for Professional Piercers).  

Jon has a vast selection of jewelry from brands such as BVLA, Anatometal, Neometal and Industrial Strength (and some others we can’t remember).  If he doesn’t have something you want in stock, he will place a custom order!


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Randy Bray: Tattoo Artist

Apprenticing ain’t easy, but for Mr. Randy Bray it seems like a walk in the park.  His main inspirations for tattooing are traditional and neotraditional; hence why Chris has adopted him as his baby Bray boy.  He has not yet worked on anyone else yet, but he can sure pound some ink into a fake skin slab or citrus fruit.  

He may not be able to do much for anyone at the moment, but if you stare into his kind eyes we swear you will hear waves crashing on the beach and a chorus of angels.  Oh, and when you visit as him to do the “Bray Boys” dance.


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