Body Piercings

Professional Body Piercings

We offer private consultations before performing the body piercing services. From picking out the body piercing jewelry to the actual procedure, we are here for you!

We Offer Most Types Of Piercings

Subjective Art Tattoo is a member of the Association for Professional Piercers, which requires the highest stands of professional piercing and tattoo care.

Our piercers are trained in CPR and First Aid and utilize an aseptic technique when performing piercings.

If you have any questions about a certain body piercing type, just give us a call!

Subjective Art Tattoo Takes Body Piercings Serious

For navel piercings,  the piercer will require an anatomy check (some navels cannot be pierced safely and properly); however, our piercers will not do your anatomy check if you are wearing high waisted clothing.  This includes leggings that you think can just be rolled down.

We do pierce children’s ears ages 5 and above.  If you are interested in piercing your child’s ears and they are between the ages of 5-8 you must schedule a consultation with a piercer to determine the child’s readiness for the piercing.

If you are under 18 years of age please bring the following:

  • Photo ID (school ID, permit, state issued driver’s license, passport or the find my child picture card from school pictures)
  • A parent or legal guardian w/ their state issued photo ID
  • Proof this is your parent/legal guardian (matching last names and address on state issued ID’s or birth certificate & court documents identifying legal guardianship)